Health Insurance Articles

Health Cover – A Good Idea for Expatriates?

As the number of people signing up for private health insurance policies grows, more and more expatriates are beginning to realise the benefits of having comprehensive health cover from a specialist health insurance provider.

Health Cover – A Problem Shared

Having private health cover is an increasingly important benefit for companies across UK but it can often be difficult for small businesses to cover the costs which is why many are deciding to share the costs of private health cover.

Health Cover - Looking at the Types

The need for a comprehensive health cover plan is clear to see for many reasons. It is very important to be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to your health and a health cover plan is invariably the best way to do this.

Health Cover - Top Tips for Staying Fit

When it comes to finding a health cover plan that fits in well with your own particular lifestyle, it is important to discuss your needs with your private health insurance provider.

Health Insurance - An Attractive Proposition

The world of work is an increasingly competitive arena and many employers are discovering that they need to go the extra mile to get the best employees. Many now offer comprehensive health insurance to new employees.

Health Insurance - The Importance of Cancer Health Cover

Health insurance is, of course, more important now than ever before and, according to a report on This is Money, cancer cases could rise by a third by 2020, so, many will ensure that they have suitable health insurance policies now.

Private Health Insurance - A Beginner’s Guide

More and more people across the UK are decided to take out private health insurance as its benefits are clear. A recent report on This is Money outlines exactly what private health insurance entails for the policy holder.

Private Health Insurance - Answering your Queries

The world of private health insurance is often quite confusing to many but it can be easily simplified and by talking to private health insurance providers, you can ensure that you get the right cover for you.

Private Health Insurance - Covering You in Retirement

It goes without saying that those entering retirement are looking for a stress free life away from work. The peace of mind provided from private medical insurance often goes a long way in helping to achieve this aim.

Private Health Insurance and Being Self Employed

For those who are self employed, getting ill or suffering an injury is obviously a major concern which is why more and more self employed people are opting for private health insurance in order to ensure that they are treated quickly.

Health Cover – Securing the Best Deal

With so many people deserting the NHS and seeking out private health cover, people invariably look for the best deals to ensure that not only do they get the peace of mind of private health cover but also a fair price.

Health Insurance – Private Worries

More patients are opting for health insurance after reading about unpleasant experiences in UK hospitals as a recent report in the Telegraph demonstrates.

Health Insurance can be affordable

Health insurance needn't leave you stressed out – it can be affordable, in fact you can find health insurance for as little as a £1 a week.

Health Insurance reviews

Do you have a health insurance policy, but aren’t sure it’s right for you? Get a review today.

Health Insurance – Bosses See the Benefits

When it comes to health insurance, only now are bosses fully beginning to comprehend the benefits of providing their employees with good health insurance policies as companies strive to get ahead in the labour market.

Health Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to health insurance, it is important to understand all the major talking points surrounding it in order to find the right policy. There are many commonly asked questions about health insurance that it’s good to know the answers to.

Health Insurance – Matters of the Heart

Heart disease as a whole has been decreasing for the last 30 years but it is on the increase between 35-55 year olds. Experts believe health insurance policies may help cut down the prevalence of heart disease for this at risk group.

Private Health Insurance – A Life Prolonged?

According to a report on This is Money, a man suffering from lung cancer believes that he has his private health insurance to thank for keeping him alive after NHS doctors told him that he only had six months to live.

Private Health Insurance – Even GPs Don’t Trust NHS

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the lack of reliability of the NHS and a lack of cleanliness of hospitals has led to a third of GPs opting for private health insurance rather than relying on the services offered by NHS.

Private Health Insurance – Fitness First

When it comes to private health insurance, more and more customers are coming to realise the benefits of staying fit and healthy. A report in the Telegraph highlights the positive sides of staying in good shape for your health cover.

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