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As agents for every major private medical insurance provider, we specialise in not only finding new policies but also reviewing your current plan to ensure you have the best advice available for your current health and financial requirements.

As part of our service, we can also act on your behalf, in the unlikely event of any problems or queries arising with your current insurer. We may also make an annual recommendation which you can act upon if you so wish.

This service is offered completely free of charge and will not affect your relationship with your existing provider.

Many of our clients think they are tied to their existing insurer because of pre-existing conditions, however, in an ever evolving market, there are now companies that can offer plans that will cover all pre-existing conditions that are at present covered by their current plan.

Another common worry is age, many clients think that once they reach 75 years of age it is not possible to change, at Right to Health we say ‘you are never to old to stay healthy,” as we have access to an exclusive policy with no age restrictions.

If you would like us to search the Health Insurance marketplace on your behalf, and furnish you with several recommendations all you have to do is click below and complete the online form, and one of our experienced Healthcare Advisors will call you back within 24 hrs, but in most cases within 2 hours. There is no obligation and all our services are completely free, we will help to find you a new policy or give you the peace of mind in knowing your existing policy is the right one for you at the present time.

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Looking for UK private health insurance providers can seem like a bit of a daunting task, often leaving you tempted to put it off for another day or by completely overwhelming you as to which policy to choose. At Right To Health we try and make this decision as easy as possible, our advisors will compare private health insurance companies across the UK, leaving you with only the best possible options to best meet your requirements.

Whether its cover for diagnosis and treatment costs or aftercare for injuries, illnesses or diseases, it makes sense to compare private health insurance to give yourself the best protection.

We have trained professionals on hand around the clock to give you the help and advice you need to make an informed decision on choosing the best possible health insurance policy. At Right to Health we will quickly and effectively compare all competitive UK health insurance providers; making what might seem like a big job, small.

Our advisors have access to an extensive directory of health insurance providers, including policies that are only available online to a select number of insurance experts. In addition our advisors are search trained, to effectively find and compare health insurance policies for the right people and at the right prices.

As well as offering our expert and impartial opinions to help you through the process, our service enables your policies to be continually reviewed and evaluated; ensuring it remains the most relevant and cost effective policy for your requirements.

Taking out health insurance shouldn’t be a big job, so let us help you make the right decision.