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Key Facts

Right to Health

Right to Health – FAQs, Key Facts, Terms of Business (pdf)

For further information contact Right to Health on 01322 477600

IDD – Insurance Product Documents


IPID – Healthier Solutions (pdf)


IPID – Personal Health & Personal Health 6 (pdf)
IPID – Health for You & Health for You 6 (pdf)
IPID – PHC Health Plan and PHC Health Plan 6 (pdf)


IPID – Bupa Fundamental Health Insurance (pdf)
IPID – Bupa by You Comprehensive (pdf)
IPID – Bupa by You Treatment and Care (pdf)
IPID – Dental Cover 10 (pdf)
IPID – Dental Cover 20 (pdf)
IPID – Bupa by You Travel Insurance (pdf)

CS Healthcare

IPID – your choice (pdf)

The Exeter

IPID – Health+ (pdf)


IPID – Freedom Elite (pdf)
IPID – Freedom Worldwide (Silver) (pdf)
IPID – Freedom Worldwide (Bronze) (pdf)
IPID – Freedom Your Choice (Diamond Plus) (pdf)
IPID – Freedom Your Choice (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) (pdf)


IPID – GlobeHopper Travel Single Trip (pdf)
IPID – GlobeHopper Platinum (pdf)
IPID – GlobeHopper Multi Trip (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Standard (pdf)
IPID – GobalSelect Standard Group (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Headstart (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Headstart Group (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Executive (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Executive Group (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Basic (pdf)
IPID – GlobalSelect Basic Group (pdf)
IPID – Global Fusion Gold Plus (pdf)
IPID – Global Fusion Bronze (pdf)
IPID – Global Fusion Gold (pdf)
IPID – Global Fusion Silver (pdf)
IPID – CrewSelect International Standard (pdf)
IPID – Global Fusion Platinum (pdf)
IPID – GlobeHopper Platinum Travel (pdf)


IPID – Personal Healthcare (pdf)
IPID – Business Healthcare (pdf)
IPID – Worldwide Travel (pdf)
IPID – Dental Cover (pdf)
IPID – Health Cash Options (pdf)
IPID – Worldwide Travel Group (pdf)
IPID – Dental Group (pdf)
IPID – Health Cash Options Group (pdf)


IPID – Flexible Health Elite (pdf)
IPID – Flexible Health Premier (pdf)
IPID – Flexible Health Essentials (pdf)
IPID – The Multi-Family Healthcare Plan – Standard (pdf)
IPID – The Multi-Family Healthcare Plan –  Enhanced (pdf)
IPID – The Multi-Family Healthcare Plan – Comprehensive (pdf)
IPID – Active Health (pdf)


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